MCAST Institute of Engineering & Transport – Final Year Projects 2020

A Feasibility Study of Gray Water Treatment within a 5-Star Hotel. – Sean Paul Camilleri

In my presentation intend to include the step-by-step approach of how the named 5-star hotel may make use of effective engineering technologies to reduce its water footprint. Such a presentation would highlight that with the right awareness, plant technology may be implemented or retrofitted in existing systems.

Effect of the Insulation Materials Filling on the Thermal Performance of Novel Designed Pre-cast Cavity Bricks – James Cuschieri

This research study aims towards the mitigation of excessive heat transfer through pre-cast cavity brick walls of buildings located in regions characterised by high average temperatures. A true case in point is the Maltese Islands.
More specifically, this work investigated the benefits (where applicable) of novel designed bricks filled with various insulating materials. The materials investigated include acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic from recycled plastic components within the manufacturing industry, polyethene terephthalate (PET) plastic from recycled plastic bottles, clay pebbles, aerogel, and Expanding foam.

Real TIME MPEG®-Bases Audio Codec For Wireless Transmission – Ryan D’Amato

The main aim of the dissertation was to implement a real-time wireless audio transmission system. In order to do so a very robust and state of the art system on chip (Zynq 7000 SoC) has been used to be capable of digitally compressing (MPEG®-BASED AUDIO CODEC) the input audio signal in real-time before transmission with minimal delay. The wirelessly received data was depacetized, decoded and outputted using another system on chip (also Zynq 7000 SoC). The result was a real-time wireless transmission studio-quality audio system with a few milliseconds delay and no audible effect on the audio output.

Evaluating Local Marine Sand as an Alternative Fine Aggregate in Concrete Products – Julian Micallef

The study sought to understand whether local marine sand is capable of achieving desirable results when utilised within concrete products. This was achieved by sampling and testing several local sand samples, both in isolation and within concrete mixes.

Using Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Arm Control and Task Training – Dustin Sciberras

The aim of the dissertation is to solve the reaching task using a reinforcement agent. In this presentation, the steps to create the agent and training will be highlighted.

An Analysis of Planning and Design Guidelines of High-rise Buildings with A View of Present Urban Requirements in Malta. – Daniel Zammit

Locally the lack of planning laws and policies with regards to high-rise buildings is leading to different interpretations and implementations which lead to less effective urban design. The dissertation examines provisions of the local policy framework in this regard, specifically the FAR Policy of 2014, in order to assess whether there is room for improvement and if the text therein is sufficiently clear. This study presents a qualitative analysis of such policies, regulations and standards both in their effectiveness and in providing a concise framework for the design and implementation of high-rise buildings. An analysis has been carried out in terms of urbanisation and the high-rise perspective, foreign policies and local case studies. The dissertation concludes that not only the FAR Policy has room for improvement, but also other regulations and standards need amendment, together with new local plans, structure plan and a detailed national building stock of all sectors forming the urban environment.

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