Be part of NEEMO Project

There are several ways for you to be a part of the NEEMO Project. Our researchers within the project are constantly looking at ways to promote smarter ways of multi-modal transport through simulations and analysis. Together with you, we look to get deeper insights into the possibility of multi-modal e-mobility, and the several advantages it brings along with

Exciting isn’t it!

Getting back to business- How you can help us?

1. The SmartSurvey App developed by our project partner AIT Austrian Institute of Technology enables such segregation of transport modes you chose, and that too automatically. Do send us a message if you are interested in participating through this app.

2. We have a number of GPS Data Trackers provided by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. We are conducting a number of surveys on driving habits in the Maltese Islands. We, therefore, invite you to take advantage of these trackers.

You can find more information through our social media or simply ping us, and we will be happy to help!