Our Electric Vehicle Research for Energy Efficiency published in IEEE Access

Our research on Torque Allocation Modelling for Electric Vehicle was recently published Open Access on IEEE Access. The paper proposes a new torque allocation (TA) model emphasizing the wheel load variation due to the passenger occupancy payload. A light-duty vehicle model is developed along with the occupancy payload arrangement and a dynamic tire-road friction estimation method for the control system for wheel slip. This proposed TA algorithm uses offline optimization to derive the necessary transmissible torque to the driving wheels. Unlike conventional optimization, it adopts a set of predefined distribution coefficients. Therefore it can execute in a real-time platform without high computation power and additional hardware requirements. The application of this model may find its way through energy-efficient electric vehicles having distributed drive-train configurations. This international collaboration included the Principal Investigator of the NEEMO project Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi and another researcher Dr Pranjal Barman from Gauhati University, India. You may view projects related to scientific publications from Research Gate